Adelaide Bowling Club

Formed in 1897, The Adelaide Bowling Club is the oldest lawn bowls club in South Australia. It relocated to the current Dequetteville Terrace site in the eastern parklands of Adelaide in 1958. The club continues to grow with over 200 members enjoying the idyllic setting.

The club has continued to develop new programs aimed at driving increased revenue through the leasing of its facilities for functions and the  introduction of ‘Night Owls’ and Sunday SuperBowlz to deliver a new demographic to the club. This growth in a range of activities meant the club needed to investigate new structures that provided a unique atmosphere to its patrons.

The installation of three new Fielders Centenary cantilevered shelters provided the perfect solution to provide relief from the elements, seating and lighting for patrons all with an unobstructed view of the greens. Great care was taken to ensure the location of the shelters kept patrons in the shade while not obstructing the sun rays reaching the greens. The Vanilla frame and underside to the roof sheeting blended seamlessly with the current club facilities, while the choice of Heritage Green to the top side of the roof sheet ensured the structure was in keeping with the heritage feel of the site.

– Phil Smyth, Manager, Adelaide Bowling Club