5 ways to make better use of your shed space

Posted February 17, 2016

It’s all too common for the household garage to quickly turn into a dumping ground full of unmarked boxes, garden gear and tools. Dedicating some time to get your shed into tip top shape will not only make it easier to find the old hammer and Christmas lights when you need, it can also help […]

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6 Backyard verandah/patio preparation tips

Posted January 17, 2016

The warmer weather tends to inspire many of us to take greater pride in our backyard in preparation for summer entertaining. But a healthy unruly yard and immaculate outdoor entertaining space or patio doesn’t come without a bit of old fashioned DIY hard work. Not knowing where to start is often most challenging, which is […]

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Darren Lehmann signed on for a further two years!

Posted June 22, 2015

Hi All, Darren Lehmann here! Well it’s been an exciting couple of weeks. We have arrived in England to prepare for the upcoming Ashes series, after a successful 2-nil win over the West Indies. And equally exciting is the news that I have signed on for a further two years as the Fielders Brand Ambassador. […]

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Brand Ambassador Darren “Boof” Lehmann

Posted March 5, 2014

Fielders and Endurance Sheds have had a long association with former Australian Cricketer, Darren “Boof” Lehmann dating back to 2010. We have seen may changes since then but like Darren, Fielders have remained committed to delivering quality and great service. In July 2013 to recognise this, Fielders extended their partnership with Darren, now the Head […]

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Blackwood Football Club

Posted February 28, 2014

Established in 1912, the Blackwood Australian Rules Football Club has witnessed significant changes in its 100 year history. To celebrate its historic milestone the club ‘upgraded’ its facilities in 2012 to include a modern Fielders Centenary attached verandah that has provided a unique atmosphere at the Blackwood Hill Oval. The facility provides patrons protection from the cold and wet Adelaide Hills winter months, while […]

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Port Lincoln Golf Club BBQ Shelter


The Port Lincoln Golf Club required a sturdy, weatherproof structure that would complement the golf course’s surrounds. Located centrally on the golf course, the Fielders gazebo acts as the perfect refreshment station for golfers. The weatherproof shelter ensures players can rest under the shade between holes away from the elements. The large gazebo shelter provides opportunities for the golf including hosting weddings and corporate golf […]

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Adelaide Bowling Club


Formed in 1897, The Adelaide Bowling Club is the oldest lawn bowls club in South Australia. It relocated to the current Dequetteville Terrace site in the eastern parklands of Adelaide in 1958. The club continues to grow with over 200 members enjoying the idyllic setting. The club has continued to develop new programs aimed at driving increased revenue through the leasing of […]

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