Darren Lehmann signed on for a further two years!

Hi All,

Darren Lehmann here!

Well it’s been an exciting couple of weeks. We have arrived in England to prepare for the upcoming Ashes series, after a successful 2-nil win over the West Indies.

And equally exciting is the news that I have signed on for a further two years as the Fielders Brand Ambassador. I am delighted to be continuing on with the fabulous team at Fielders and we have some exciting plans for the coming summer.

Last summer we launched the new Fielders Centenary colour range. Our customers love our designs and the fact Fielders Centenary still has the largest range of colours in the market, all built using Australian made, Colorbond steel.

Stay tuned, as I will be on touch throughout the Ashes. I will be giving regular updates on what’s happening on tour, both on the website and the Fielders Home Improvement Facebook page, and fingers crossed, Aussie, Ashes victories.


Darren Lehmann
Fielders Brand Ambassador and Australian Cricket Coach.