6 Backyard verandah/patio preparation tips

The warmer weather tends to inspire many of us to take greater pride in our backyard in preparation for summer entertaining. But a healthy unruly yard and immaculate outdoor entertaining space or patio doesn’t come without a bit of old fashioned DIY hard work.

Not knowing where to start is often most challenging, which is why we have shared some tips to help kick start your preparation!

Add a touch of green – plants are a simple way to add colour and character to your verandah/patio space. We recommend investing in durable plush plants or trees that need little sun and are easy to maintain. Our picks are yuccas, for the minimalist gardener, or camellias for those after a floral touch.

Mulch – it pays to invest in mulch so the garden can better cope with the heat. By covering the top layer of your plants with fresh mulch, you will be helping to reduce water loss and keeping the soil moist for longer.

Refresh flooring – whether it’s cleaning pavers, buffing or glossing decking or weeding between the gaps, it always pays to clean or touch-up your verandah/patio floor to avoid any damage or unnatural movement.

Illuminate – lighting schemes make a huge difference on the atmosphere of your outdoor area. Consider updating globes to bring a warmer hue to twilight entertaining and add landscaping lights to highlight backyard features.

Furniture face-lift – whether you need to give the outdoor setting a high-pressure hose, new colour scheme or quick varnish, there are simple touches you can make to bring a new lease of life to your outdoor furniture. Simply add a splash of colour with accessories such as cushions, candles and table ornaments or one of our favourites, the old bar cart to add a bit of entraining charm.

Barbecue – dust off the cobwebs and give your barbecue a thorough clean inside and out, as well as a safety check, in preparation for summer feasts!


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