Is your ideal gazebo the strong, independent type? Or do you imagine it thriving only when attached to the company of others. The Fielders Centenary Gazebo Design range has you covered in both cases with free-standing and attached designs. Which one’s right for you?

They might not always be top of mind, but gazebos are a clever way to enhance your home’s appeal while creating a space tailor-made for relaxing and entertaining. Modern gazebos have come a long way since their Downton Abbey-heyday. Many contemporary designs now incorporate superior materials such as multi-layer protected steel to replace elements such as the timber, roof tiles and shingles of classic gazebos.

At Fielders Centenary, we’ve streamlined our steel manufacturing process to develop an advanced apex and eave knuckle connection process. The result for you is a high-quality, affordable and straightforward to install product. You’ll also benefit from the unmatched reputation of Australian-made COLORBOND steel tested in some of the country’s harshest conditions.

Your only concern should be your pick from our Gazebo Design range. Free-standing or attached? Here’s the key information you should know…


Available in six or eight sides, a free-standing gazebo is your shortcut to a beautiful outdoor focal point. But to achieve this effect, it’s important to consider space, balance and proportion. Look at the dimensions of your gazebo – are they correctly proportioned to your home? It’s also vital to have adequate free space surrounding your gazebo to avoid a tight and claustrophobic feeling. Your local Fielders Centenary dealer can help plan the ideal Gazebo Design, down to every detail. To arrange a quote, CLICK HERE.

Free-standing gazebos can also be versatile. Light and breezy, these structures are traditionally exposed on all sides. But if you need extra privacy, creating a more secluded feel is simple by covering any exposed sides with outdoor screening or blinds. Perhaps a lush, natural screen is more your style? Opt for tall and fast-growing species like Lilly Pilly, climbing roses and clumping bamboo. The growth of this bamboo species is easier to control compared to the wild growth of a running bamboo.


Don’t have the right space for a free-standing gazebo? Or maybe you prefer an overall look that’s more integrated. Attached gazebos are highly customisable and can seamlessly attach to popular outdoor structures including patios and verandahs. You may want to include a Gazebo End to mark a set dining area within the space, or to ‘zone’ a larger area. When placed strategically, an attached gazebo can also enhance your home’s architectural appeal.

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